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I have seen three kinds of people over thirty years of my work life. It is not an extended period, but it is worth observing. People who work and eat, those who eat and don’t work and those who still struggle to earn their meals. We also believe that our efforts earn the wealth we have. However, some others put in much effort but still do not succeed. Then, some inherit wealth from their parents or forefathers. We term it as luck. We need to know what luck is and how to get lucky, right? More importantly, I wanted to know what causes this disparity. Our society was abundant in the past. How is it now?

I did not have the answers to these questions for many years until I started performing the Mahalaya Paksha Shraddha. Mahalaya Paksha this year 2023 is from September 30th to October 14th.

Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma professes that we are reborn souls. The soul that had taken birth as your father or grandfather will be reborn elsewhere after this life. The same is true for you and me as well. I was someone’s grandfather or grandmother in my previous existence.

Our sages discovered the intelligent way of existence. The life of abundance. Here is the principle. Abundance has to do more with the intent of sharing rather than sharing itself. Sharing involves having the intent of sharing resources in various ways and not necessarily sharing money.

How did they do it?

Here is the trick. The method involves praying to the soul to install its imprint into a material that will be able to retain the soul imprint without getting affected by other environmental factors. This material, the sages discovered, was the Durva grass. Then, there were mantras (intentions) chanted, after which black sesame seeds were used to offer abundance to the soul imprints. Why black sesame seeds? I am yet to discover that!

So, in effect, after my father’s passing, I offer sesame seeds to the soul that was my father, the soul that was my grandfather and the soul that was my great-grandfather. I do the same with my mother’s side.  Then, some uncles and aunts have passed on. They also get the offering. Every person who has passed on gets the abundance offering.

The Soul Journey

I was also someone’s father, father-in-law, grandfather, great-grandfather, mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother! I, as a soul, am getting the offering. This energy offering translates into physical abundance. When I recognise that I am getting more than what I have worked for, I thank God. And promptly, consciousness, or God, adds the blessings into the kitty of the person giving the offering.

Property-related disputes arise when people stop sharing the energy of abundance with their ancestors. An April 2017 survey revealed that Property and family disputes in India account for 76% of litigation.

Astrologers and some nadi vaidyas are able to investigate and evaluate the causes of your affairs with the help of charts and other methods.


When you get that order without effort when you get the job offer after a casual interview, and when you get food without asking for it. Reflect for a moment that someone has offered that abundance of energy to your soul imprint.

When you want your children to grow up healthy and be abundant in resources, share your wealth with your ancestors.

— Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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  1. Thank you for enlightenment on Mahalaya Paksha. We didn’t know the theory the way we explained. Every thing follows Newtown’s Third Law…. every action has equal and opposite reaction…life is soul and soul is energy..
    it can convert from one soul to other but cannot be obliterated for ever

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